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About Us

Who We Are

Expansion Joint and
Waterproofing Sealants

  • Vertical expansion joint sealants
  • Paving joint sealants
  • Window glazing
  • Pre-compressed joint treatment

Joint Filler

  • Floor joint filler
  • Full depth installations assured
  • Proper joint preparation guaranteed
  • Metzger/McGuire Gold Seal Certified

Industrial Slab Repairs

  • Floor repair/restoration
  • Deteriorated joint edge repairs
  • Spall and paste layer repairs
  • Random crack fillers
  • Slab stabilization

Why You Should Use Us

We specialize in Joint Protection, Concrete Repairs, and Thermal and Moisture Protection.

Joint Protection


Concrete Repairs


Thermal & Moisture Protection

Mountain Heritage, Inc. opened its doors in1986 and is headquartered in Trenton, Georgia. Through the years we have installed MM 80, DOW 790 & 890, NP2, SL2, Spal Pro RS 88, and Euco 700 on projects stretching from coast – to – coast. We have earned a reputation for being the best floor caulkers and sealers through our demonstration of excellence in every aspect of the installation and finishing processes. Through the years Mountain Heritage has completed hundreds of top-notch caulking and sealant jobs.

Our Team

  • Todd Reese, Mountain Heritage, Inc.’s President, has been in the specialty caulking and sealant business for more than 25 years. Todd has a broad range of experience in building sealants, floor joint fillers, and repairs/restorations.
  • Calvin Arnold has been involved in construction for over 35 years as an Industrial Electrician. He joined our team in 2001 as our Estimator and Chief Marketing Officer; he is well versed in structural sealants and repairs/restorations.
  • Kay Jones joined the team as Office Manager/Bookkeeper early in 2007 bringing with her over 25 years of management, accounting, and customer service experience. Her valued business expertise is a direct result of a degree in business administration, certifications in bookkeeping, and having been a small business owner herself.
  • Latechia Arnold joined the team late summer of 2016 as our Administration Assistant bringing with her a broad spectrum of organizational skills, customer service, and a special aptitude for compliance.


Our reputation is our pride.


We respond to your needs.


Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We Always Try to Create a Difference

Environmentally friendly products of the highest quality.
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Safety First - Here at Mountain Heritage, Inc., we commit daily to the overall safety and welfare of all of our employees; as well as all of the project site employees. All of our employees are trained in all areas of safety through its Safety, Health, Injury & Illness Prevention program. This is coupled with OSHA 10 Hour & 30 Hour Construction Training Certifications, Aerial Platform Safety Certifications, First Aid, CPR, and ongoing weekly Tailgate/Toolbox Safety Training. Our philosophy and values are defined through our attitude of excellence and safety.

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Mountain Heritage, Inc.

Active in commercial construction since 1986, we offer quality services and customer satisfaction through our workmanship specializing in Joint Protection, Concrete Repairs, and Thermal and Moisture Protection.

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